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Umpire Clinics and Learning

A big part of ensuring that the established rules of a new league are adhered to is knowledgable umpires.

As a league, we have worked hard to provide the opportunities for anyone interested in getting into the umpiring role a chance to learn the rules and practice the essential functions of an umpire.

We have put together two such opportunities...

Online Umpire Courses

We have developed two separate online courses: one for baseball and one for softball. Both courses start with Umpire Basics 101, but then each go through the rules established for each sport and at each age division. There are also videos to supplement some of the rules that need a bit more visual explanation.

Completing the course is the first step in becoming league certified to ump.

Umpire Clinics

We are also offering two face-to-face umpire clinics where participants can attend and get hands-on learning that includes live reps behind the catcher and calling outs at the base pads.

One clinic is available in Elkader on May 13th and another in Monona on May 20th.

Attending one of these clinics is the second part in becoming certified as a league umpire.

The goal of these learning opportunities is for individuals to feel more comfortable in the umpire role. We wanted them to feel supported and have the tools they need to learn the role and the rules in order to feel confident in enforcing them.

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