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The Driftless League Tournaments

The first year of The Driftless League tournaments proven to be a fun and competitive one. Many games went into extra innings with almost all of the championship games being won by a single run! The 6/7 baseball tournament was decided on tie-breaker criteria due to the round-robin format.

In the spirit of continuing these tournaments we have started the Hall of Champions.

Each year the champions of each division will forever be documented and archived so that today's players can one day look back and show their own children what these days of town team ball meant to them.

You can find the new Hall of Champions under the Tournaments tab.

Ladies and gentlemen...your 2023 The Driftless League tournament champions:

4/5 Softball Champs - MFL MarMac

4/5 Baseball Champs - Central

6/7 Softball Champs - Central

6/7 Baseball Champs - Central

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