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A New League in Town

Updated: May 9, 2023

A handful of communities in NE Iowa have scheduled summer ball games for over a decade and competed against one another for the sake of skills development. However, formal rules and policies were never really put in place. Away teams would arrive and the home field rules would be discussed and agreed upon sandlot style.

While this has worked, it's also led to growing frustrations over the years. Rules would be different depending on the makeup of age groups for the team, a fields access to lights, or even the dimensions available on the field. This made teaching kids the sport of baseball or softball difficult because coaches weren't sure which skills to teach at what grade levels?

So an email went out to all the teams usually involved to see if there would be any representatives willing to meet and hash out rules and regulations for an official league. After hearing responses back, the committee was comprised of four people from four different communities:

  • Nate Sandstrom (MFL MarMac)

  • Kyle Sperfslage (Clayton Ridge)

  • Brad Rose (Postville)

  • Jarod Bormann (Central)

These coaches met twice a week via Zoom for five weeks to discuss potential rules for baseball and softball (not to mention the research they did into other official leagues during the days in between their meetings).

To drive their discussions, the developed a mission statement and three goals that laid the foundation for much of their conversation.

Mission Statement:

Create a structured league with rules and guidelines to promote growth and development for baseball and softball opportunities in a competitive but enjoyable environment for all to develop a love of the game.

  • Goal #1 - To teach and improve the skills for youth players to advance to the next level or play successfully.

  • Goal #2 - To set forth consistent play between teams.

  • Goal #3 - To provide an opportunity for kids to compete with confidence by allowing them to play at age-appropriate distances and rules that allow them to learn situational baseball/softball both offensively and defensively.

We hope that coaches, parents, and players understand that the rules set forth are done so with the spirit of the Mission Statement and goals in mind.

But most importantly, we hope this helps kids develop and fuel a love for the sport.

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